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Kristin Little

Therapist. Coach. Writer.
Adult Therapy

Understand the science and psychology that drives anxiety and what helps (it isn't ignoring and avoiding). Learn why you aren't reaching your goals and work smarter with compassion, not judgment. Use emotions to guide instead of overwhelming you. If in crisis or facing change, find timely support and practical help when you need it most.  

Child & Teen Therapy

Childhood isn't all fun & games. It can feel exiting to some, but for others, anxiously overwhelming. Relationships are complicated, both at home and at school. Big questions abound: Who are you? How do you know if you are doing enough or are enough to be the person you want to become? I offer experienced support and skill building for kids 10+, tweens and teens. 

Divorce & Coparenting Child Specialist  

Whether you are facing a divorce or established coparents, your primary goal is to protect your children's childhood & sense of family belonging...

You may be considering divorce and feeling anxious and lost. Or done & down the road, but unable to build a workable coparenting relationship. Maybe coparenting was working, but now challenge and change has disrupted the ease that existed across your two-home family .

As a Divorce and Coparent Child Specialist I can offer practical guidance, skills & suggestions that keep kids first & promote resilience in transitioning or established two-home families.

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

My approach focuses on awareness, in fostering a curious, compassionate, non-judgmental view as a foundation for growth. I use cognitive behavioral, mindfulness, narrative and emotional focusing strategies. I am compassionate yet practical. This is your journey and while I strive to empower you to create your own unique future, I also understand the need for direction during difficult times and provide clear feedback, information and reflection when needed.

About me

I am a licensed mental health therapist as well as a trained collaborative coach for families in divorce or living as a two home family. I also am a writer with two published books focusing on divorce resilience.

I live in the Seattle area in my own messy, loving, complicated

two-home family.

Learn more. Additional Resources and FAQ

I like to share what I am learning, what clients find most helpful or the frequently asked questions posed by parents considering Collaborative Divorce or Child Specialist services. 


Working on it ...

Avoiding unhappiness is not the path to happiness 


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