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Schedule Your Appointment

I am full and not able to schedule new therapy clients,

but do have limited space for scheduling new divorce related coaching clients 

New Client Overview:

When scheduling as a new client, you will receive an email that will link to your unique confidential client portal. The portal is simple and easy to use. To prepare for the first appointment you will need to fill out intake and payment information through the portal. The portal will allow us to share documents, meet online and complete all our financial transactions confidentially.

  • If you are making a Therapy appointment for your child; please make the request in your child's name and send an email with your child's age, parent contact information and desired, your child's email for reminders and messaging.

  • If your children are being seen as part of a divorce coaching service, the appointment will be under your parent portal. 

  • For new Coaching (Divorce & Coparent Child Specialist) clients, please email me a brief description of your needs (if you are in or post-divorce, your children's ages and support you are seeking) along with any questions or information you believe would help me set up your session appropriately and ensure I am a good fit for supporting your family. 


Choosing your Appointment:


New Clients

  • For new therapy clients simply select New Client Psychotherapy (60 min).

    • If the therapy appointment is for your child, please use their name for the appointment request.

    • If they are over 13 please have an email designated as their own in order to sign in, sign forms, and provide different emails for parents for billing, scheduling appointments, etc. 

  • For new Divorce & Coparent Child Specialist clients, you may schedule using Coaching (60 min).

    • Use the "couple"client option for joint sessions to create separate portals for each of you to sign paperwork and receive a link to online sessions. 

Current Clients

  • For existing clients select Psychotherapy (60 min) .

  • For existing coaching clients select Coaching (60 min) unless we have made arrangements for an extended session. 

Questions? Schedule a call: 

  • Please email me at  We can arrange a 10-15 minute phone call if you have questions or wish to discuss my services and how they may fit with your needs. I typically set aside Friday mornings for new inquires, however if those times do not fit with your schedule, feel free to leave a few times that do, and I'll do my best to meet your needs. 

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