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Therapy for Adults
My Adult Clients​

Many of my adult clients wish to work on behaviors or thinking patterns that effect their relationships or hold them back from their vision of future living. Some clients have a history or newly developing symptoms of anxiety and/or depression who desire skills or timely support to gain relief and better mange their symptoms. Other clients are facing important or difficult life transitions or seek to create healthier boundaries and more authentic and balanced lives. Because of my work in divorce, clients may come to therapy as they face the possibility of separation or move through the divorce process to find emotional support, explore parenting and child issues and manage stress. My work with them, as with all clients, is to acknowledge real and present pain, but to encourage a healthy future focus of what can be created, strengths we can develop, through our life's challenges. ​


Treatment Specialties
  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • OCD

  • Adjustment to Life Transitions

  • Divorce & Separation 

  • Body Image Issues

  • Emotion Awareness & Regulation

  • Trauma 


Scheduling for New Adult Therapy Clients

You may schedule using my online calendar choosing "New Client Psychotherapy" or feel free to email if you have questions about what would best fit your needs or have any other issues with scheduling or my services. 

Forms for New Clients

If you're a new client, I will be sending you all the documents you need electronically through the online client portal. The portal is a confidential way for us to schedule, share documents and message. It is also set up to allow us to meet securely via telehealth (online) sessions if desired. ​

Additional information

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