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Child and Adolescent Therapy
My Child & Teen Clients

The kids that I see for counseling are usually 10 and above. I generally tend to use talk therapy rather than play therapy and my approach may not fit younger children's needs. Some of my clients struggle; academically at school, finding a group to belong, or discovering competence in activities that develop their confidence and positive sense of who they are becoming. Teen clients may strain to identify and communicate their feelings, manage their actions/reactions to family as they develop their own independence and identity. Many of my kid clients experience difficulty in relationships from parents to peers and don't know how to shape their own behavior or advocate for change with others. While some children are temporarily challenged by adjusting to new situations or growing responsibilities, others may discover they are feeling a level of worry or sadness that seems to be more than they expected and more than other kids their age.


Often kids and teens find it useful that I understand and have skill in working with the complicated relationships and reality of living in a two-home family*. I use many approaches and strategies in therapy, but with children I emphasize working from a family systems approach and often ask that parents participate in sessions independently for parent coaching and/or with their children as needed and appropriate.  (Note that children over the age of 13 have confidentiality and choice to include/not include others in their treatment) 



*Because of my writing and work in divorce, children are often referred to me for counseling and I appreciate their good regard. However I typically do not see children if their parents are in the divorce process or any other legal process that involves or is likely to involve children and decisions regarding the care of children. In these cases, I prefer to see parents as a Child Specialist or screen to ensure children's therapy is protected from adult conflict. I urge parents to first address the important work of learning skills and focusing on relationship with their parenting partner before asking children to effect change. Even if there is high conflict, parents have much more power to boost their children's healthy adjustment than children themselves- even with a good therapist's support. 

Treatment Specialties​
  • Anxiety (general, specific phobias, school/performance, social)

  • Depression

  • Childhood in a Two-home family

  • Peer Relationships

  • Body Image, Eating Disorder Prevention or in Recovery

  • ADHD 

Scheduling for New Child Therapy Clients

You may schedule using my online calendar choosing "New Client Psychotherapy" but please feel free to email if you have questions about your child's needs and to discuss any concerns or questions you might have. 


Parents of children who are under 13 years of age will need to schedule, fill out needed online forms and financial information to complete the scheduling process. Parents of younger children will likely need to manage your child's portal and will be listed as a a contact with access to the portal.  Parents of children over 13, while still needing to be involved for payment and possibly scheduling purposes, will have more limited access from their contact portal (please see below "Confidentiality & Child Therapy"). 

Forms for New Clients

If you're a new client, I will be sending you all the documents you need electronically through the online client portal.The portal is a confidential way for us to schedule, share documents and message. It is also set up to allow us to meet securely via telehealth (online) sessions if desired.  The following forms however are specific to my practice policies and you may want to look them over as they are required for most two home families: ​

  • If requested, please provide me a current copy of your parenting plan. 

  • If children are in a two-home family, I require both parents permission and signature on the Guidelines for Child Therapy for Two-Home Families (choose the appropriate form for your child's age)

Guidelines for Child Therapy for Two-Home Families (Over 13)

Guidelines for Child Therapy for Two-Home Families

Additional information

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