Divorce Child Specialist
What Child Specialist Coaching in Divorce Offers
  • Parenting support for difficult situations, such as telling the children about divorce

  • learning about the basic process and skills to transition from spouses to coparents 

  • Support for productive parenting discussions, even about difficult issues and differences

  • Skills and strategies to increase children's healthy coping from divorce to living in two homes

  • Information about how development may influence your children's adjustment to divorce

  • A neutral, appropriate way to hear what your children are experiencing

  • Consulting & mediating discussions regarding your residential parenting plan (If in Collaborative DivorceI do not offer, as parenting plan mediation is the role of the Divorce Coach)*

My goal as a Child Specialist is to offer neutral support for children's healthy relationships with both parents and family relationships as a whole. Many parents feel anxious about inviting a professional into their parenting discussions, either feeling concern with being evaluated or not wanting another voice in their parenting conversations. Some parents believe it is an unnecessary addition to an already overwhelming process and have confidence in their parenting and future coparenting relationship.While I believe great parents have lots of parenting expertise, they often don't have any experience with divorce and working together can help get great parents moving forward with confidence and vision. For those who are anxious know, I believe parents are the best decision makers for their family and I do not evaluate parents and I do not make decisions for parents. Instead I strive to educate, support and encourage positive problem solving and reduce unproductive conflict. 

Child Specialist services is a straightforward 1. 2. 3. step process. It consists of:

  1. Meeting with both parents in my office to hear their concerns, goals and to offer helpful approaches to parenting/coparenting in divorce that reduce children's stress and promote coping. 

  2. Meeting with individually with child(ren) in my office to gather information on how they are managing the changes- basically "what's helping and what's hurting". 

  3. Meeting again with parents to disclose the information shared and develop strategies to meet children's needs while making important decisions for the future. 

You don't have to be in a Collaborative process to use Child Specialist services, however, if you have an attorney I encourage you to seek their counsel and guidance.  I can work with parents in all types of divorce processes but I as a Collaborative practitioner, maintain an adherence to the principles and guidelines of Collaborative work that maintains confidentiality and refrains from participation in litigation.  *If you are in a Collaborative Divorce, I maintain my professional role of Collaborative Divorce Child Specialist and do not mediate parenting plans or take the lead in mediating issues as that outside of my expected role and the role of other Collaborative Divorce team members. 

When I am not working on a Collaborative Divorce team, I may expand my role to take on mediation tasks as long as it fits within my skills and area of experience. However I  am not a legal professional and while I guide discussions on issues including legal issues, I do not draft legal documents. Parents can ask me to write notes, fill out residential plan worksheets that are shared with both parents to help document progress on decision making, but that does not make them legal agreements. Parents if in agreement can take the notes and worksheets to have them legally drafted and submitted, but if they are not in agreement, the coparenting contract protects from information being used outside of the process. (See link below Confidentiality and Child Specialist Services).

Forms for New Child Specialist Clients 

Filling out the Pre-Session Information form and sending it prior to the session gives me a chance to get to know your family. Looking over the contract and bringing it to our first session helps us to make the best use our time focused upon your family's needs. 

Child Specialist Services Fees and Payment

Child Specialist Services are not considered to be for medical treatment of mental health and is therefore not covered by and cannot be billed to insurance. Therefore fees for services are self pay and will be billed directly to clients at the time of service. I do not bill client's individually therefore it is your responsibility to know and arrange your agreement to pay your portion of the services with your parenting partner. I understand how finances can effect families, especially during stressful times of change and challenge. I strive to be transparent and conservative with fees and I welcome clients to discuss any concerns or questions they may have about fees or billings. My Fees are as follows: 

$180 per hour for in-person meetings and additional work agreed upon such as write up of meeting notes, filling out forms or worksheets, communication with other professionals and persons. 

A 100.00 flat fee will be charged for necessary travel

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