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How It Works

From using online portals to meet, signing electronic forms, to scheduling and billing:   


I have practices & policies that help me focus on caring for clients and less on administrative tasks. The pandemic created swift, dramatic change and in order to help clients make informed decisions, I attempt to be transparent. I am a sole, private practice therapist and have limitations and limits to when and how much time I am available and accessible for clients. I do not provide 24 hour on call crisis support. I have automated systems in place for forms, scheduling, and accessing information and I have contracted billing services to manage fees and insurance billing.

Information to help you get started:  

  • I use the software SimplePractice that is designed for mental health providers. Clients initially can request appointments from my website or via email. With SP you will create your own confidential portal with access to billing documents, confidential messaging, managing, cancelling or requesting appointments. 

  • SimplyGenesis is my contracted provider for billing and insurance claims. If you are a therapy client using insurance, please fill out the forms shared as well as email your birth date and photos of the front and back of your insurance card(s) to my billing specialist Becky Vandeberghe at:  or you may call her at (402) 332-2749 between the hours or 7 AM and 3 PM Pacific Time.

  • If you are a Coaching (Divorce & Coparent Child Specialist) client select the "self pay" option and you do not need to fill out insurance information or send in your insurance cards to billing. 

  • If you are scheduling therapy sessions for a child, remember that children 13 and over have confidentiality and they will need to sign their own forms. You of course can assist them if they wish, but emails are the process in which a portal is designated to an individual and forms sent to that email as signed by that individual. They will need an email that is identified as theirs and parents will need their own emails. For children under 13, parents will be sent documents to sign for their child’s care and given access to their portal. Children over 13, must sign a release if they desire parents to have access. Counseling information such as therapy notes are not visible or accessible from any client or parent portal.

  • You will need to schedule your own sessions and have access to requesting appointments in your portal under the “Appointments” tab. I don’t designate clients to specific times/days, but if you find a time you like, you can schedule several weeks out in advance or ask me to schedule those for you.

Information about important policies:

  • If you are a regular weekly or bi-weekly client and don’t schedule for 3 weeks without explanation prior or shortly thereafter, I will have to move you to an inactive status. I welcome returning clients and you can schedule when you need intermittent support. However, I will need to attend to clients waiting to be served and offer current, regular clients preference in the schedule. I may have limited space.

  • I need 48 hours notice for a cancelation to allow others to schedule the time. Insurance will not pay for late cancelations or missed appointments and therefore you will be charged the full fee (not just your copayment). 

  • I encourage you to reach out if you have questions either by secure messaging from your portal or email/phone. I will do my best to respond to your messages and calls, but I am typically in session and unable to respond during business hours. My practice is to check for urgent messages in the evening, but if not urgent, I will attend to them on Friday mornings.

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