Coparent Coaching
Consider Coparent Coaching, if You are...  
  • Frustrated with old ineffective parenting roles and relationship and want support renegotiating post-divorce 

  • Wanting to eliminate all the unproductive communication that is causing so much stress

  • Needing more effective communication from your coparent to meet your kids needs across two homes. 

  • Having difficulty discussing big differences in parenting that effect your kid's daily life or big goals

  • Both looking for skills and strategies to increase your children's healthy development across two homes

  • Considering changes to your parenting plan and want to consult with a neutral professional to explore ideas and options

  • Looking to create clearer, transparent, effective roles and  boundaries to improve your coparenting relationship

  • Wanting to understand what your child is experiencing in an neutral and safe way to support coparenting and parenting goals 

My role as a Coparenting Coach is to support parents post-divorce with the challenges of changing relationships and coparenting tasks. For some parents this might be the first time they have discussed what coparenting actually is and how to incorporate skills and strategies into their two-home family. For others, they know the basics and have been actively coparenting only to run into areas of conflict or are challenged by big changes such as introducing or incorporating new partners, births or expecting a child and other significant life changes. 

Coparent coaching is not couples counseling, I won't try and make you friends, I won't insist that you agree with each other or with me. However I offer skills to manage communication, informed views on what is helpful and what is generally hurtful to kids and what works and what tends to grind the gears in a coparenting team. I won't evaluate either of you as a parent. I may make direct suggestions and observations, but you can decide for yourself what you take with you. I am solution-focused, meaning I focus on how to fix, rather than spending too much time on stories about what went wrong. 


It is my responsibility to know my skill set. I have a great deal of experience and knowledge about child development and their needs for healthy adjustment in divorce, coparenting, parenting and I have training and experience in mediation that allows me to navigate complex decision making between parents. However when parents are experiencing very high conflict, the focus may need to be more on the mediation and less on kid-centered information (if a parent or parents can't "hear" the information, they certainly can't use it). In these cases, I refer to professionals I know with stronger mediation and legal experience. 

If you are in a legal process post-divorce, I encourage you to seek your attorney's counsel and guidance. I can work with parents in all types of legal processes but I, as a Collaborative practitioner, maintain an adherence to the principles and guidelines of Collaborative work that maintains confidentiality and refrains from participation in litigation. 

I am not a legal professional and while I guide discussions on issues including legal issues, I do not draft legal documents. Parents can ask me to write notes, fill out residential plan worksheets that are shared with both parents to help document progress on decision making, but that does not make them legal agreements. Parents if in agreement can take the notes and worksheets to have them legally drafted and submitted, but if they are not in agreement, the coparenting contract protects from information being used outside of the process. (See link below Confidentiality and Co-parent Coaching).​

Forms for New Coparent Coaching Clients 

Filling out the Pre-Session Information form and sending it prior to the session gives me a chance to get to know your family. Looking over the contract and bringing it to our first session helps us to make the best use our time focused upon your family's needs. 

Coparent Coaching Fees and Payment

Coparent coaching Services are not considered to be for medical treatment of mental health and is therefore not covered by and cannot be billed to insurance. Therefore fees for services are self pay and will be billed directly to clients at the time of service. I do not bill client's individually therefore it is your responsibility to know and arrange your agreement to pay your portion of the services with your parenting partner. I understand how finances can effect families, especially during stressful times of change and challenge. I strive to be transparent and conservative with fees and I welcome clients to discuss any concerns or questions they may have about fees or billings. My Fees are as follows: 

$180 per hour for in-person meetings and additional work agreed upon such as write up of meeting notes, filling out forms or worksheets, communication with other professionals and persons. 

A 100.00 flat fee will be charged for necessary travel

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