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Online Telehealth Sessions
Telehealth sessions are available for available for anyone in Washington State. 

No longer limited by traveling, I can serve anyone in the state of Washington where I am licensed to practice.  

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is simply online therapy or coaching sessions instead of face-to-face appointments in the office. It is a lot like any other teleconference or FaceTime application you might use at home or at work.

How does it work?

The platform I use in my Seattle Practice is through the confidential and HIPPA compliant Simple Practice software program. You will have access to the platform though your client portal that is set up as part of your new client intake process. If you schedule an online appointment, a reminder will be sent to you prior to the session with a link to access the appointment in your individual and confidential client portal. 

You can choose where you are comfortable taking the call, but you will need a good internet connection and privacy from interruptions.

Does my insurance pay for online sessions? 

Many insurance companies pay in the same way they would for in-person visits as per the health parity act and are more flexible in response to the stay at home guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid 19. However it is best to check with insurance company regarding your policy. Your insurance may request a different code be used, or a specific reason as to the need for telehealth.  Contact me directly if you are needing specific codes or other changes to your billing statement. 

How do I pay my copay or fee? 

The Simple Practice client portal will charge your credit card on file on the day of service automatically, so there is no need to for making additional arrangements for payment. 

Does it work as well as in-person visits? 

It's subjective, but my belief is that it works very well for most sessions, as we can talk and see each other just as in person.  however, There may be less in-person energy, we are not in the same room with the same sounds and sights, I can't pour you a cup of tea, but it's close.

What are some common problems?

When clients connect there may be adjustments with the audio or video. The biggest issue is that connections or finding private areas with a home full of people. Some clients get creative and even use their car- whatever you feel most comfortable doing. If the connection fails, I will attempt to reconnect and if I am unable to do so I will use your number to call you or your email address to send an email so keep your eye out and know I'm working to reconnect. Feel free to call me directly if you are having trouble at 206. 295. 8673.

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