Online Telehealth Sessions FAQ
What is telehealth?

Telehealth is simply online therapy or coaching sessions instead of face-to-face appointments in the office. It is a lot like any other teleconference or FaceTime application you might use at home or at work. However with counseling we make sure we use protected platforms that are HIPPA compliant* (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

*Update: Currently due to the health emergency, HIPPA restrictions are being relaxed to allow for use of other videoconferencing platforms such as FaceTime, Skype and Zoom.

How does it work?

The platform we use is called Clocktree*, that it is easy to use. If you request an online appointment, you will be sent an invitation to set up a basic profile such as your name and email. (If you are a new client, you will have to separately send in your intake paperwork so we are able to create a chart for scheduling and for billing). 

Once you are entered as a client, an email will be sent to confirm your appointment. Another will be sent to remind you of the upcoming call, which has a link you can use to log in and enter the appointment room. 

You can choose where you are comfortable taking the call, but you will need a good internet connection and privacy from interruptions.

Does my insurance pay for telehealth? 

Many insurance companies pay in the same way they would for in-person visits due to the health parity act. However it is best to check with insurance company regarding your policy. Your insurance may request a different code be used, or a specific reason as to the need for telehealth. With the current health emergency, most insurance companies are being flexible to protect their patients.

How do I pay my copay or fee? 

For copay's as well as for coaching clients who are not using insurance, payment can be made on the Evergreen Clinic website or you can call the office directly to make a payment by phone.

Does it work as well as in-person visits? 

It's subjective, but my belief is that it works very well for most sessions, as we can talk and see each other just as in person.  however, There may be less in-person energy, we are not in the same room with the same sounds and sights, I can't pour you a cup of tea, but it's close. What can be an issue is interruptions, either by others or by a disruption in the connection. If that happens we make do, but it can be irritating. 

What are some common problems?

When clients connect there may be adjustments with the audio or video. There are icons for those at the bottom of your screen and you may need to click them on and off to connect. There is also a chat bar on the right hand side to ask questions. If all else fails or the call drops, I will attempt to reconnect. If you wish to reconnect as a way to reload the call, you should see a "reconnect" button on the upper right hand corner. 

Reminder for new clients:

Please try to get your forms and insurance information sent to the office at least 24 hours before your appointment. I would like a chance to review your information and the staff requires adequate time to be able to set up your chart, take your copay or payment and invite you to the Clocktree site. 


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